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Need to change remove or replace your Suburban anode? Or simply empty your tank out between holidays? Well it just got a whole lot easier with the Suburban Tube Spanner.

Now you can access your anode rod easily without the obstruction of the burner tube that a regular spanner may foul up on and its purpose size fitting will firmly grip the nut first time every time preventing any unnecessary damage such as burring that could be done very quickly by a wrong sized or worn socket.

240 v Sparky inch?s* will also see the value in this tube spanner given its dual use, By simply turning the tube spanner around it can be used to remove and refit the element should the time come for servicing also being a true tube spanner it is made of steel and zinc plated for durability.

Throw one in your tool kit today to make those tomorrow jobs simple.

(* sparky inch?s are a licensed 240 volt technician)

(pictured screwdriver not included)


Socket Sizes inch? 1 1/16 inch?Anode inch? & 1 1/2 inch?Element inch?

10 inch? (250 mm) total length

8 mm sized hole for turning

Steel construction and zinc plated for durability

Servicing anodes on your water heater is a must if you want to protect your tank just like your home hot water system and will keep it at its best for years to come, this tube spanner is just the thing to remove or re-tighten the anode rod thanks to its perfect sizing.

With element servicing please always seek a licensed 240 v technician as safety above all else is everything.

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