Caravan Servicing

First Service Cost: Single Axle $229.00 / Tandem Axle $329.00

Let our experienced team of service technicians complete your important first service. Your first service should be completed at 1000km / 3 months. Your first service with Jayco Dubbo is very important so that any minor issues are caught early and you can be confident that your caravan is safe and ready for your next adventure.

At Jayco Dubbo, we will carry out your caravan’s service in our modern workshop and will be performed on our 6.5 meters, four post hoist to enable our experienced technician’s complete access to the underbody of your caravan.

Jayco Dubbo’s first service will include; checking your caravan’s tyres for any signs of abnormal wear, ensure all tyre pressures are correct. Check your suspension, handbrake and coupling and all external running lights. We test your brakes and inspect your brake magnet wires. Bearings will be inspected for end play and adjusted if required. If your caravan is fitted with Jayco’s JTech Independent suspension, our technicians will perform a wheel alignment check to Jayco’s specifications.

We will check all major appliances and 12 volt electricals. We will test and inspect 240-volt circuit breaker and inlet/outlet. We will test and inspect your campers’ plumbing system, ensuring no signs of any water leaks. We will check cabinetry, drawers and locks for correct alignment and operation, adjusting if required.

On completion of the caravan service, you will receive a full report and be advised on any findings and repairs. Finally, we can log and stamp your Jayco Service Handbook.

Subsequent Service Cost: Single Axle $279.00 / Tandem Axle $539.00

After your first service, your next service should be completed every 10,000km / 12 months.

This service will include all checks and tests performed in your first service plus the following: Your caravan will be raised on our 6.5 meters, four-point hoist to enable our experienced technicians to thoroughly check your chassis inspecting all plumbing/gas lines and suspension.

At this service, we remove your wheels and hubs to remove bearings, clean and inspect. We will apply fresh grease to your bearings and replace all seals. Whilst the hubs are removed we will inspect your brake linings and adjust as required. We will inspect your brake magnets for any uneven wear.

Once hub and tyre are refitted a brake and hand brake adjustment is carried out for optimal braking. We will check and grease your suspension.

Recommended Service Extras

We recommend the following service extras to keep your Jayco in peak working order;

Anode Replacement Cost: $147.95 including all parts and labour

We ensure your hot water system is turned off. Your hot water system is drained and sacrificial anode is removed. Your hot water system is flushed out and a new anode installed. Our technicians will test your hot water system to temperature to ensure it is working well.

Nitrogen Tyre Inflation Cost: $5.00 per tyre

Your Jayco tyre pressures will be tested and inflated to correct specification with nitrogen from our workshop nitrogen compressor.

Smoke Alarm Batteries Cost: $4.50 each

Ensure your Smoke Alarm is operational when needed most. Our technicians will replace your smoke alarm battery and perform a smoke alarm test.

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